Tupelo Honey 12oz. Squeeze Bear

Hani Honey Company

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Most know there is a Van Morrison song about a place in Florida called Tupelo. Tupelo Honey is so good, I’d wager it put that place on the map. Those that know what it is, “ooh” and “aah”, over it. It has a high fructose to glucose ratio, which allows it to maintain it’s liquid state for a very long time! It is also well tolerated by some that have issues consuming sugars, and is reputed to not increase blood sugar the way many refined sugars do. It’s not only a best seller, it is a Hani Honey Company favorite!

The trees like to keep their feet wet, and are located in rivers and bogs. Placing hive here is difficult, but worth the effort! The hollows of these trees were commonly used for bee hives, and the wood is well known to be a good carving material.

This honey is increasingly rare and special. It can, like many plants, give a good harvest one year, then give little nectar for one or 2 years after. The trees in this region were stressed by a hurricane in 2018, resulting in a disrupted bloom in 2019. Use this honey like it’s something to cherish! Pair with strong cheese and charcuterie, in a vinaigrette with mild oil and vinegar to let it shine. Surprise your taste buds by adding this to a bowl of melon or berries, and enjoy the experience of all the pronounced flavors playing off one another.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review