Wildflower 1lb. squeeze

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Wildflower Honey is harvested throughout the year and can vary from light to medium amber in color. It’s complex flavors are a result of the bees foraging on multiple sources of nectar and pollen including: Willow, Oak, Spanish Needles, Mexican Clover, Palm, Mangrove, Saw Palmetto, Golden Rod, Tick Seed, Sea Grape, and many more. Use this Honey generously in any recipe, and don’t forget to taste some right off the spoon to enjoy it’s special flavor notes.

Our fresh, raw, Florida local honey in a 1 lb. glass or plastic squeeze bottle.

We use Glass and PET (BPA Free) Plastic Packaging for all our Honey, accept for our HDPE Pour Gallon Jug. We are mindful of our impact/footprint on the environment, please reuse/recycle.

Ingredients:Unfiltered, unprocessed honey


(No reviews yet) Write a Review