Luna Blue Black Tea Blend Loose Tea 3 oz.

Nova Tea Company

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Hygge is the new trendy word from Denmark and implies cosiness. Cosy, cuddly and relaxed and to top it all, a cup of wonderfully scented, hot tea. This is what a perfectly hygge day looks like. And it´s just not any tea, it has to be a particular creation that brings about Scandinavian daydreams. And this is it: an intensely fruity combination of forest fruits on a mild ChinaCeylon black tea base, just like the Scandinavians love it, coupled with a creamy cocoa note and an idea of cinnamon. Simply hygge.

Ingredients:Black tea (62 %), cocoa peel, broken cocoa bits, flavoring, freeze-dried raspberry pieces, cinnamon rods, cinnamon pieces, sweet blackberry leaves, mountain blueberry leaves, freeze-dried whole blueberries, freeze-dried cranberry slices, freeze-dried whole raspberries

 4-5 minutes
 203-212 °F
 1 level tsp./6 oz serving


(No reviews yet) Write a Review